Team Aspects
You worry too much
You make yourself sad
You can't change fate
But don't feel so bad
Enjoy it while you can
It's just like the weather
So quit complaining brother
No one lives forever!!
Current Campaigns:
  • Exalted: Rebellion (?) - (GM Geoff)
  • Multi-System: The Dark Tower (GM Amul)
  • L5R: The Villian's Path to Heaven (GM Amul)
  • WoD/OtE: Edge of Darkness (GM David)
  • [inact] Byzantium Omega (GM Geoff)
  • [inact] KotE: Winterlotus HK (GM Geoff)
  • [inact] V:tM: The Philly Game (GM Will)
  • [inact] WoD: Russia (GM David)

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